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Wildlife Defenders Testimonials

  • Over February break, my grandchildren and I had the privilege and thrill of experiencing The Wildlife Defenders educational outreach program at Rochester Museum and Science Center. The presenters and handlers of these rare and unique wild animals from around the world were well organized, informative, engaging, safety conscious, and great communicators. They provided an up close encounter that allows the audience a rare glimpse into the wonders of nature. Equally impressive, is that this program is run by members of Bridges For Brain Injury. It was explained that survivors of brain injuries and others with disabilities grow and gain renewed confidence through this part of their rehabilitation.
    Do not miss an opportunity to see the amazing animals at Wildlife Defenders and to support the great work at Bridges For Brain Injury!

  • "My name is Liz Albertorio and I am a co-ccordinator of a science outreach program sponsored by Dr. Keith Nehrke, faculty member at the University of Rochester. We had the pleasure to host the Wildlife Defenders as part of our last science outreach session for the semester at the Carlson YMCA. We chose Wildlife Defenders to speak to our kids because their mission to provide outreach education on wildlife animals paired very well with our mission to expose kids to different topics in science, and wildlife conservation. They did a fantastic job explaining each animal, and they handled the (sometimes tough!) questions our kids had with energy and passion. I speak on my behalf, as a co-coordinator of this portion of the program, and I recommend the Wildlife Defender as a novel addition to any science outreach program."

  • "The birthday party for my nephews was awesome! Everyone raved about it!!!!!! "

  • "You guys were a total hit!! Such amazing people doing amazing things! Thank you so much!"

  • "I just wanted to tell you how much the kindergartners enjoyed the animal presentation today. John and his staff were absolutely amazing and extremely knowledgeable. The children learned so much! We look forward to experiencing the presentation again next year with a new group of children!"

  • "Bridges for Brain Injury is an outstanding program and resource for both the adults in the program as well as the service they provide for the community. We have had the program visit our childcare center on two separate occasions. The children were really excited to learn about the exotic animals that the members bring. The ambassadors answered all of the many "wonders" that the children were curious about. Our teachers were fascinated by the personal experiences that each person shared. This program is well organized and the ambassadors are well prepared. I highly recommend this program and what it stands for".

    Angela Colt, Assistant Director
    The Children's School at URMC

  • "(The Wildlife Defenders) ran a week long day camp out of our building. This program ran for approximately 6hrs each day. Each day they focused on different animals from different areas of the world. They also taught the kids about what they can do to help their community by recycling and reusing.
    I believe from my experience with this program that they are a valuable part of the community and the work they do with their participants is helping those with injuries to live up to their full potential and feel like they are a valuable asset to the community. I would recommend Wildlife Defenders to anyone who would have them. I hope they can continue to grow and help all those that come to them."

    Michele Albrecht
    Youth & Family Director
    Greater Canandaigua Family YMCA

  • "I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know what a fabulous job the Wildlife Defenders did at our school today. We have a very unique population of students, children with developmental disabilities (many of whom have concurrent psychiatric or behavioral needs) that no other program in the state would work with. These children were placed in out-of-state institutions and we wanted to prove that there was another, better, way to help these children grow. Well, the Wildlife Defenders came and did just that. The response from the students was incredible. Children who struggle to tune-in to the world were rapt, there was amazing engagement and attention. Your staff did an incredible job adapting to our children's needs and I could sense their genuine enthusiasm for their work. I hope to continue working together because I believe your crew have a lot they could offer our students, work that could be truly transformative. It has been a pleasure working with John over the past months, and I look forward to an even stronger relationship between our organizations moving forward."
    "Thank you so much, and congratulations on a great program and staff."

    Jason Lustig
    IEP Coordinator
    The Kessler Center: A service of Easter Seals New York

  • "I just wanted to follow up with the visit you set up this past Friday evening at the Middlesex Valley Elem. school. Your program was genuine, from the heart, and amazing. I could not have expected more! As families were leaving, I stood at the door thanking them for attending. Almost each family said that this was one of the best events that we have hosted, and it was a perfect balance between the animals for kids and parents, and the stories that were shared. They wanted more!
    We would love to have you back!"

  • This past Saturday we had the pleasure of hosting the Wildlife Defenders! The program was absolutely amazing and I loved it so much, as did our patrons.
    The group was punctual and very professional and SO great at what they do! We had over 100 people here with several young children and everyone just LOVED the program. In fact, I just re-booked them for another program in July!
    Thanks for what you do and providing a wonderful program to libraries in our area!!
    Tara Montoney, Librarian
    Seneca Falls Library